We create innovative solutions that are tailor made to suit your business needs.


  • Fleet Monitoring Services
  • Alerts
  • Fleet Maintenance Services
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Driver Evaluation
  • Tyre Management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • RFID base Driver Identification

Fleet Monitoring Services


Fleet Monitoring Service allows you to have a real time view of all your vehicles. Each vehicle fitted with our devices is configured to transmit data at regular time intervals on a real time basis. This enables the operator sitting remotely to view and analyze information about every vehicle and supports him in strategic decision making.

It has been designed to work in both online and offline modes. Now you can take the sale orders and/or payment receipt directly on your mobile, without bothering about internet. It automatically syncs data from mobile to server when it founds the internet connectivity. Data syncing happens in background. It ensures secure and faster communication between mobile clients and server with almost 0% data loss.



ai4u’s solution for your fleet allows you to configure alerts for various situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a pre-defined rule. An immediate notification is sent to the operator via Email/SMS. Depending upon the kind of business, alerts can be configured for various factors and parameters. This mainly helps in keeping a check on the driver’s behavior and helps in taking timely actions in cases of emergencies.

Fleet Maintenance Services


Maintenance of a large fleet is a cumbersome process by itself. To simplify it and make it a more organized process, ai4u’s Fleet Maintenance Service is designed to present the data about maintenance in a very understandable manner that also provides deep insight into your maintenance costs. Using our Fleet Maintenance Service, you can effortlessly pick the best vendor for your spares, most punctual vendor, longest lasting parts etc.

Fuel Monitoring


Fuel Monitoring Service provides useful information about the fuel level and the mileage of each of the vehicles. This module also generates various reports that help in analysis from a business perspective. Along with the current fuel level and the mileage details, it also provides accurate refuel details. Proper analysis of the generated reports helps in identifying better drivers, better routes and even better refuel points. Each of the above add value to the business in terms of cost savings

Driver Evaluation


Fair evaluation of drivers based on their performance always remains a challenge for transport companies due to lack of visibility of their operations. To help make this better, ai4u’s Driver Evaluation system gives you complete information about each driver’s performance in terms of the distance covered, time taken, number of violations etc. to provide substantial quantitative data at hand for proper driver evaluation.

Tyre Management


Of all parts of a vehicle, the tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and also is considered as one of the most expensive spares. The Tyre Management module is built keeping in mind the importance of effective Tyre Management for a fleet of vehicles. When used in combination with GPS tracking, ai4u’s Tyre Management System provides accurate data about the distance run on each tyre, life remaining in each tyre etc.

Temperature monitoring


ai4u’s solution uses a Temperature Monitoring Unit to monitor the ambient temperature of reefer vehicles. This is useful when the quality of the transported items is highly dependent on temperature. The temperature monitoring unit maintains a continuous transmission of data about the container temperature so that any fluctuations are immediately identified and acted upon. Once the rules are defined, the system instantly triggers an alert to the operator when any of these rules are violated. This means that the operator gets an immediate alert in case of abnormal temperature rise/fall and can instruct the driver to take suitable actions. It is also possible to generate temperature reports for any given vehicle for any specific period of time.

RFID based Driver Identification


Our RFID based driver identification ensures that a particular vehicle is driven by the designated driver himself. The RFID in combination with the immobilizer proves to be a very effective security system for the vehicle. This is because the vehicle remains immobilized at all times unless the driver swipes his RFID card. Another value out of RFID is the ownership of the situation. This means that whenever required, it can be clearly established as to which driver was driving a given vehicle at a given time. Hence anything that happens during that course of time falls under the driver’s responsibility which cannot be denied by the driver.

Business Verticals


ai4u’s solution is very flexible and is built to suit many verticals across the transport industry. With the monitoring feature kept same across all the verticals, changes are made in the platform to suit the needs of each business vertical. Overall there are about 106 verticals that are supported by ai4u’s solution of which the following are the most important ones:

Child Safety Assurance System

Child Safety Assurance System by telematics4u is a fully customisable GPS solution that offers school administrators better control over their school bus services. This IT solution offers the following tangible benefits to a school administrator

Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics module is designed to help those transport companies that mainly indulge in transportation of food items, the quality of which in most of the cases is dependent on the temperature. This module is designed keeping in mind the importance of maintaining permissible temperature inside the reefer van and the whole solution is hence temperature centric.

Dairy Logistics Operations Services


Procuring milk from far flung areas and delivering processed milk products to consumers spread over large distances is the reality faced by dairy companies all over the world today. In this context, ai4u’s Dairy Logistics Operations Services plays a crucial role in delivering quality milk products over large distances by increasing the distribution outreach of dairy companies while keeping their operational costs under control. Efficient implementation of Dairy Logistics Operations Services can help dairy companies better utilize their procurement and distribution infrastructure; while enabling them to increase the uptake of milk products at the retail points.

Mining Logistics Management System

Our solutions are customized to suit the needs of the mining industry. It works systematically to provide the user complete control over the process and enhance visibility of activities. Through the state-of-the-art systems in place and the usage of best technological interface, we offer a wide range of services tailor made to suit the needs of the mining industry.

Taxi Operations Management Services


It is estimated that the taxi industry takes care of more than 15 million commuters around the globe, transporting them to and from their respective homes, work places, schools, etc. The industry’s growing importance has forced it to rethink its present positioning in the market. Stiff competition and the demand for quality services have led to the taxi industry adopting a customer- centric model. In other words, it is rapidly moving away from being just another mode of transportation. This migration if properly implemented can result in considerable revenue growth led by customer loyalty and credibility. Considering this, ai4u has customized its solution to help Taxi companies gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of their competition.