We create innovative solutions that are tailor made to suit your business needs.

About Us

GPS Solutions is the off shoot of Arun Infotech offering a bunch of tailormade and integrated tracking solutions for various business sectors.These comprehensive solutions have been built after years of detailed research and are being rolled out keeping in mind the latest technology needs of various organisations.

The technology platform is backed by a team of highly experienced and seasoned professionals with a clear vision to establish themselves as pioneers in the area of GPS enabled services.With transport and logistics gaining gradual growth over the years coupled with increasing cost of fuel and manpower, it is all the more imperataive that organisations run their fleet efficiently and manage their available resources effectively.This is where, our GPS services offers the best in class solutions fine tuned to fit your business needs.


Key Features

  • Transit mixer’s real-time location info
  • Continuous monitoring of transit mixer’s drum rotation
  • Support in maintaining quality and quantity of concrete
  • Route and schedule adherence
  • Dynamic vehicle and route allocation system
  • Alerts: Unauthorized mixing off, over detention time, etc
  • Comprehensive MIS – supports business decision making